Tudor North Flag Mens Watch

£ 2 640.00
The soul of the TUDOR North Flag belongs to the coldest and most remote extremitiesof the planet, visited by expeditions and studied by universities but never inhabitedby man. A finely honed “scientific” instrument of unprecedented technical content– TUDOR’s first Manufacture movement – it is the modern adventurer’s solid companion,beginning a new era in the brand’s rich history. In the early 1950s, the members of the British North Greenland Expedition wore TUDOR Oyster Prince watches on their wrists while carrying out a series of experiments in themost hostile conditions imaginable on Earth. In this context, their watches, like the rest of their scientific equipment, took on the dimension of a scientific instrument whosereliability was crucial to life on-site. It was in this spirit of scientific instrumentationthat the hybrid steel-ceramic external parts of the TUDOR North Flag were created by theTUDOR Style Workshop in order to express on the outside the high level of technology andreliability of its movement. This begins with the choice of a case with integrated bracelet,a type of construction with a sophisticated overtone and a highly qualitative feel thatrequires particularly delicate modelling work in order to attain optimum ergonomics andideal fluidity of lines.